About Camp Create

Camp Create is a week long summer arts program designed to foster each child's confidence and creativity. Eight students are invited to each session and each day is filled with Yoga, Singing, Acting, Costumes and Dance!

Camp Create begins the day with yoga and journaling with stretches, breath and silence. Voice lessons prepare the campers for their solo performance and singing the Star Spangled Banner at the Blue Rocks Stadium. In Scene Study, students explore acting and improvisation and prepare costumes and set design. The Camp Create Performance brings all the artistic elements together with scenes from Broadway musicals, solos and surprises for the audience.

The Audition Camp prepares students for the audition process by providing monologues, song repertoire, headshot, resume, reading and practice audition work.

The High School Theory Camp begins with yoga and voice training each day and allows the older student to advance in their musical studies. Note reading, intervals, basic theory and sightsinging are introduced.

The American Girl Camp allows the student to be a part of an American Girl Play complete with costumes, scene study and set design. Every day begins with Yoga and Singing lessons. Journaling and discussions about girl's lives throughout history bring an interesting dimension to the performances.

Penny the Piano Camp Create Campers meet Penny the Piano in a special way. Introduction to the piano, orchestra, opera, dance, set design and voice lessons prepare campers to participate in the Penny the Piano Musical.

The Camp Create for Boys adds a few new moves to Camp Create. Guest artists are introduced to teach Drums, Guitar and (can't forget the sports...)Tennis.

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How It Started

Suzanne Jackson is in her 20th year of directing the summer arts program, Camp Create. She began the camp to give her students a weekly music lesson intensive and it has grown into an arts experience with guest artists, Broadway musical workshops, Blue Rocks and parent performances, voice, acting, dance and yoga lessons.

She has been teaching for 25 years and has her Masters degree in Vocal Performance from the University of Maryland. She adds her own teaching style to a strong pedagogy in voice and piano.
She is a Kripalu certified yoga teacher and also has her certifications in Kindermusik and Brain Gym. The creator of the YogaSing technique, Suzanne brings yoga and movement into camp and vocal training. She is the producer and co-writer of the Penny the One of a Kind Piano Musical which made its debut this year at the Snapple Theater Center on 50th and Broadway and at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. The Penny Musical was first workshopped in Camp Create 2011.

She is a resident artist with the Washington National Opera and for the past 24 years has performed at the Kennedy Center Opera House.

Suzanne teaches workshops in yoga and voice around the country and abroad.
Her next workshop will take place at the Voice Foundation Convention in Philadelphia, PA this coming June.